About Us



For over a decade, we’ve built our reputation on delivering top tech talent to the UK’s fastest-growing organisations. Our growth has been very much organic, bringing in fresh minds, nurturing raw skills and progressing together as one high-functioning family. 

In that time, our specialist areas have developed and adapted, but one thing remained the same: our honest, straightforward and supportive approach to working with clients, candidates and the people who make Harris Global what it is today.



We call ourselves talent partners because that’s our vision for the business: bringing a more collective approach to connecting the best people with the best employers. Going beyond transactions, we form long-lasting relationships with clients and candidates alike, delivering sustainable outcomes for everyone involved.

By working in an environment that’s built on solid values, we’ve created a knowledgeable, diverse and proactive team that can be relied on for all IT talent demands. This fuels our mission: to provide a fully committed partnership to every customer. 

Diverse &


Diversity has long been at the heart of Harris Global, but we know that the IT sector has a long-standing battle with unconscious bias. That’s why we work closely with our clients to develop recruitment processes that level the playing field and give a platform to the best talent – whatever their background.



We currently have contractors working across 48 different locations across the UK, and 18 locations across Europe & ROW.  Check out our talented teams stats.

2.24 Interviews for every 3 CV’s sent 

Interviews to offer 
3 - 1

Offer accepted ratio 
2.4 out of 3 

Average client relationship 
5 years

76% of roles filled first time

Average employee length of service 
at Harris 7 years