Our Green


We have partnered with progressive start-up Greenify to assist with our mission of pushing back against the accelerating destruction of our planet’s life support system as well as allowing our clients the ability to achieve their own green goals by offsetting the environmental footprint of their new hires.

How Does

It Work?

Each time you hire talent through Harris Global, you can choose to neutralise your new employee’s eco footprint. A greenified hire is underwritten by a bundle of natural high impact climate solutions that rebalance the typical UK individual’s annual ecological footprint for one year. All projects are fully verified and carbon credits certified by globally recognised carbon registries. Each greenified hire is underwritten by:
12.7 tonnes of nature-based carbon offsets
34kg of ocean-bound plastic waste captured and recycled
8 trees planted

Working Together

For a Greener Future

Together we can help preserve the earth’s standing trees, regenerate deforested land and stem the flood of marine plastic. Let’s work together for a greener future.

Benefits for greenifying your hires:

  • Delivers action on climate change
  • Enhances your employer value proposition
  • Boosts appeal with climate-aware candidates
  • Contributes to your corporate ESG/CSR goals

With every hire you choose to greenify, you will receive an Environmental Impact Certificate

How are Harris Global

Helping Fight The Current Climate Crisis?

We are rebalancing our environmental impact by purchasing and retiring 3 tonnes of nature-based carbon credits every month. That is the equivalent of offsetting emissions from:

Heating and Lighting:

  • A typical UK SME office every month
  • 20 staff working from home for 15 days per month
2,000 miles of staff travel by rail
2,000 miles of staff travel by car